Kenneth Schiumo, Drums: TBA Steve Combs, Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Harmonica, and Keys: Steve is the frontman for the band. His uncanny voice gave him the nickname "John Forgery." He gained local fame with his previous bands Then N’ Again (97 to 2012) and Flashback (95 to 97). His unique style, as well as the tones and licks from his guitar, carries the original sound from CCR. He has also incorporated harmonica and piano into his repertoire. Jason Akers, Bassist: Started playing drums 29 years ago at the age of 19. He played in and out of numerous Rock and Roll bands throughout the years. While playing drums with Strength as One, (2007-2011) two cd's were produced; one in 2009 and the other in 2010. The band had an avid fan base and many shows were played throughout the DFW Metroplex spanning over four years. Afterwards Jason went on to play in Drag the Waters (2011-2015.) Meanwhile in 2008 the formation of Bad Moon Rising took place resulting in the addition of playing bass guitar. Chris Combs, Rhythm Guitar, Dobro, Keyboard, and Vocals: Chris started playing bass when he was 13 years old. He has always had a love for music of all generations. He quickly learned the fundamentals and then wanted to explore other instruments and wanted to perform. He played with his dad Steve Combs for many years and also played with numerous other bands. Chris has played drums, keyboard, bass, guitar, dobro, and congas in bands. He has played in blues, rock and roll, top 40, heavy metal, and classic rock bands. In 2006, he gave up playing to focus on school and his career. Chris decided to come back and play in the early part of 2017.